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Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Should Take Their Kids to the Chiropractor

Baby Junior is unable to sleep, has reoccurring ear infections, gets sick often, cries all day and night and has been suffering with bouts of constipation and diarrhea. His mother, Agnes is worried and frustrated because baby Junior is also unable to latch and breastfeeding has been a challenge. She consults with other parents who greatly advise her to try chiropractic adjustments to help. To Agnes’ surprise, several visits to her pediatric chiropractor actually relieved all of Baby Junior’s health distress. She was elated with how he became a more happy and vibrant baby and since has continued to bring Baby Junior for regular chiropractic care. 

When considering chiropractic care for your little ones, it may seem odd and new. But now, more than ever and especially in the affluent, educated communities, we are seeing more of these happenings. Some people wonder why more and more parents are taking their children to see chiropractors. The answer is simple: all spines can get subluxations. The word “Subluxation” is a frequently used term in the chiropractic community and is defined by the Association of Chiropractic Colleges as: “A complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health.” Seems like a lot of big words. What it simply means is that a subluxation is a complex of altered spinal structures that can cause disturbances in the brain, nervous system and its associated connections to the rest of the body. Broken down even further, subluxations are nerve irritations and nerve irritations reduce the connection and integrity of our overall health. 

Dr. Catherine Luib D.C. San Diego Chiropractor was quoted in an article in the San Diego Union Tribune as saying “Whether we have a large spine or a tiny little one, if that spine is negatively impacting the communication of the nervous system then our body is unable to regulate and coordinate itself with optimal functions.” 

This is how the brain and nervous system serves us so powerfully. It is even called the ‘Master Controller’ of our body and if its communication channels become distorted, damaged in any way or disconnected, then we may experience all sorts of communication errors. If not addressed, this will eventually break down to unwanted and unnecessary health complications. 

According to the Founder and best-selling author of WELL ADJUSTED™, Chiropractor and published authority on pediatric health and holistic parenting, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani, “this ineffective communication can present as colic distress or irritability, an inability to suckle and breastfeed or poor sleeping habits. We even see more ear aches and ear infections. For a child poor nerve communication may result in developmental delays, an inability to concentrate, behavioral problems, digestive issues, bowel issues, asthma and headaches – the list can be endless.” 

Chiropractic care is a wonderful healing modality that is non-invasive and holistic. While chiropractic may be able to help with a number of health issues, it needs to be known that chiropractic DOES NOT operate like allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is symptom base. Chiropractic is not symptom base. Chiropractic is not a Band-Aid cure for any health challenge. It is important to understand that the chiropractic focus is not in treating or curing ailments but rather on the focus in ensuring that the nervous system has every opportunity to communicate clearly and work effectively. By correcting subluxations and removing nerve interference, this enables our body to then recreate “order” and coordinate healing and better function. This translates to health and the abundance of health. 

By now, you may be asking this question, “How do children get subluxated in the first place?” According to Dr. Floreani, “Subluxations can happen during our daily activities in life. Also, they may result from physical, chemical and emotional stressors or ‘insults’ to our health, such as bad posture, prolonged postures, sleeping on our stomachs, knocks and falls, poor food choices, dehydration, exposure to chemicals and toxins, stress and anxiety. Some research even suggest that before these lifestyle stressors have an impact, nerve irritation may occur in the uterus from awkward positioning, restriction of movement in the womb and exposure to toxins. Subluxations or nerve irritation may also occur from birth complications such as long labors, very fast labors, use of forceps or caesarean delivery.” 

When we appreciate how the nervous system may be hindered and impaired it makes sense why more parents are having their child’s spine and nervous system evaluated and adjusted by the Chiropractor. So here are the top 10 Reasons Why Parents Who Love Their Kids Take Their Kids to the Chiropractor: 

1. To encourage their child’s optimal brain and nerve development. 
2. To support their child’s nerve communication throughout the body for optimal health and wellness. 
3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness. 
4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues with their child. 
5. To help resolve their child’s crying/colic issues. 
6. To support the digestive strength of their child. 
7. To diminish nerve interference which may impact their child’s capacity to learn and concentrate. 
8. To help resolve their child’s poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting. 
9. To deepen their child’s sleep and be more well rested. 
10. To balance the overall energy of their child. 

Your child’s health is their truly their greatest asset. While more research into the benefits of chiropractic for babies and children is needed, chiropractic for little people has been shown to be gentle, safe and effective. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic is a true wellness enabler. Ask around and you will find that parents frequently report chiropractic helps their children stay in tip-top shape. Babies can be checked by chiropractors very soon after birth and special techniques have been developed to carefully correct any subluxated areas. 


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November 15, 2016
Team Member
Chad Findlay