I have been coming to see Dr. Findlay for almost 10 years now.  I used to get horrid headaches with an old neck injury.  My neck has always been too sensitive for most chiropractors to ajust, but Dr. Findlay does it perfectly every time!  He's Incredible!  I recommend him highly to all my family and friends.
- M. Teran

I have been seeing Dr. Findlay for 16 years he is amazing, his compassion, likability, caring, ready to help where ever he can.  Irreplaceable!!!
- R. Moore

Dr. Findlay is the best Chiropractor in Washington.  His staff is exceptional and kind!  Corey even takes the time to adjust my two year old who idolizes him!!  Thank you Mariner Chiro!
- C. Thorp

I'm hooked.  With my active lifestyle I'm not exactly kind and gentle with my body.  Sometimes I am a little "humpty-dumpty".   And with Dr. Findlay I have finally found someone who can put me back together again!  Thanks Doc!
- J. Cook

I will never go to anyone else again.  I was referred to Dr. Findlay by my family Physician and it has been the best thing.  I have always been an active person and feel that Dr. Finday is one of the main reasons I am able to do the things I can today.  Thank you Dr. Findlay!!!
- C. Pearson

Our entire family goes to see Dr. Findlay.  He has adjusted all our children since they were only a couple days old.  We believe in Chiropractic and we believe in Dr. Findlay.
- G. Hansen